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Archive for January, 2014


Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!Holly’s and our family”s journey has been long and hard, but she has finally transitioned to a TRUE TRIPAWD KITTY!  To all the future tripawd animals and families, I have to say the journey is not easy, but well worth the effort.  On Thursday, we received […]

Day 6 after surgery

Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!Well, sorry for the break, but I am EXHAUSTED!!  6 days of watching my sweet Holly all day and, more importantly, ALL NIGHT, has lead to extreme fatigue.  I hit the proverbial wall yesterday, but feel much better now that I took a break and visited […]

Day 3 after surgery

It is 11 AM and I am finally dressed for the day.  Long night and the wear is showing, I am looking like a ZOMBIE!  The vet called at 9AM and woke me up, out of a dead sleep.  I could barely speak, let alone,  answer the questions, but learned something very important.  Al told me that […]

Day 2 after surgery

After a long day of final preparations, Al and I were able to brave the DEEP FREEZE (and slow drivers, hee hee), and pick up our little, pretty girl, Holly yesterday evening.  I baked a Cinnamon Streusal Cake and decorated it with pink and orange (for Holly) and brought that with to help distract me […]

Holly is having surgery today

Above are a few new photos of Holly. In the top photo, she is being snuggled and feeling safe with her Dad before her big surgery. The stretched photo below, is from last night, when she was given her favorite treat, whipped topping. Hello and thanks to all my Tripawds community family!  Al and I […]

Tomorrow is my sweet Holly’s surgery day!

Time has gone be both quickly, sadly and slowly, which is worse.  I find I spend as much time as I can with Holly as a 4 pawed cat, imagining how she will play, walk and eat, with only 3 paws.  I intellectually know that she will be fine, thanks to all my new friends […]

Thanks for your support and Holly will officially join the Kitty Tripawds on Monday!

Well after hours of research, numberous calls and emails to Oncologists, and the unbelievably kind support from this community, Holly will have surgery and officially join the compassionate Tripawds Kitty community on Monday, January 6th.  It was perhaps the hardest decision we have had to make to date, which is saying a lot since my husband and […]

Decision time is quickly approaching, so please HELP?

Hi Fellow Animal lovers, I have to decide what to do for our precious Holly, a torte, short haired cat with myxosarcoma of the left hock.  Basically, this is a soft tissue sarcoma, but it is in a precarious spot on her hock.  The surgeon cannot get clean margins, so amputation is the only sure […]

Holly's journey to become a super tripawd kitty!! is brought to you by Tripawds.

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