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Holly is having surgery today

002Holly whipped topping island

Above are a few new photos of Holly. In the top photo, she is being snuggled and feeling safe with her Dad before her big surgery. The stretched photo below, is from last night, when she was given her favorite treat, whipped topping.

Hello and thanks to all my Tripawds community family!  Al and I dropped Holly off at the vets this morning and it was the coldest day of the year so far, – it is -15C but feels like -42C. Wow, couldn’t have been colder!!  We had to take 2 cars since Al was going back to work after working from home for 2 weeks post hip surgery.   Needless to say, there was a lot going on this morning.  Luckily, Holly played with me this morning and slept with us all night.  This has made me appreciate her so much more!  I kept my emotions together until Al told me that Kyle, my amazing son with the old soul, had left me a note on my cell phone.  It was so beautiful and inspiring that I had to share this note from my son, Kyle, with you all:

“Morning Beautiful (he knows how vein I am, LOL!)

I hope you were able to sleep a couple of minutes.  I just wanted to let you know that you are really the strong one.  No matter how much you have going on in your life, you are there for all of us.  You’re, without a doubt, the rock in our family.  Extreme trials/challenges bring out the best in the best.  I know it won’t be easy, but I know your immense strength will push you though this.  Be strong for Holly….she would want it for you and for her, and she is going to be GREAT.  She’ll be the same lovable cat, just with a bit more swag to her cat walk.  She’s strong, just like her mother.  Keep a smile on that beautiful face. It’s all about perspective.  The night is always darkest, just before the dawn, and the dawn is near.  2014 is our families year.

Love you so much,


P.S. You look great.  Nice puff 🙂 (that refers to my “puffy” hair)”

This encouraging note from my youngest son (Kyle), who I couldn’t be prouder of, got me through the morning!  He gave me strength with these words, as all of you have.  I often say, that as humans, we are angels in training, earning our wings one feather at a time.  Kyle and all of you, are on your way to earning lots of feathers, to fly high in heaven!!  Thanks is not a big enough word, for the gratitude that I feel for everyone.  Enjoy the new photos of Holly.  BTW, we call her, Holly her Highness! Can’t wait until she is home, sitting on her throne again!



12 Responses to “Holly is having surgery today”

  1. Awww. What a crazy day to have to deal with that weather and then her surgery. You are SO STRONG, you can ALL get through this and you WILL! We are thinking of you and sending lots of love and warm hugs. Please keep us posted.

  2. Awww, Holly her Highness is absolutely beautiful. I know that today is a scary day, but you will get through it, and so will Holly. You are in our thoughts! (Hope you got our email earlier).

    With love,
    Fang and Chantal

    • Hi Fang and Chantal,

      You were the first blog that I saw and I used it as my “tripawd bible”! Looks like Fang is still doing well. I love all the photos and you are so creative with your blogging, I am so envious! I am still learning and that is what has helped me to stop dwelling on the surgery and recovery. Now, I just prepare and respond to all the kind well wishes that I receive. I don’t have any family to confide in, so this community and your stories are all I have had to lean on for strength and guidance. Hopefully, I will get better at posting pictures and working with a blog, but until then, I will just treasure all the love that comes through my laptop. I appreciate any suggestions you have. Also, I don’t see the previous comment that you referred to, so please let me know when you sent it so I can read it. I feel badly that I cannot find it.

      Also, I just heard that the surgery went well and she woke up from anesthesia fine. First hurdle successfully cleared! I will call tonight to check on her, she has 24/7 care at her vets.

      Love to you and Fang,
      Karen, Holly’s relieved Mom

  3. I think you and Al did a great job of raising a fine son and rescuing a beautiful kitty….and I’m sure there’s more good stuff that we don’t even know about! Glad you and she are past the Big Event. Get some good rest and know that many hold you all in our hearts.

    -Liz and Angel Roxie (aka Her Royal Highness Tripawd Warrior Princess Roxie Louise Roo Roo Phoebe Kemp..whew…good thing she answered to “ROO ROO”.

    • Wow, Liz, your lady Roxie sounds like she’s the queen of you house, like Holly. Our older male cat is King Kobe. Yes, our cats rule!! When the boys came home from college, they ran past Al and I, to their favorite kitties. We have always been second class citizens in this house. When I first had the boys, I used to joke with friends, that I was determined not to raise “serial killers” by making sure that they loved animals – we had 2 other cats at the time. I remember seeing a documentary about Jeffrey Dahmer (interesting side note, Al’s Grandma Dot knew Jeffrey’s Grandma through church, but I digress) and they said that one tell tale sign of a serial killer is that they mutilate small animals. Joke or not, teaching young men to respect even the smallest of God’s creatures, doesn’t hurt in this all too violent world. Anyways, Al and I simply love animals, which was definitely passed down to our sons. My older son lives in Texas and I am not sure how to tell him about Holly. Well, first things first, right? Thanks again, for all your concern and compassion. Love your humor too.

      Have a wonderful night.
      Karen, sleepless in Geneva

  4. Wise soul indeed! And how old is your son? I mean in THIS lifetime!

    Clearly he is a reflection of two wonderful role models. Well……Holly makes three!

    LOVE, LOVE LOVE thepictures! And I love Cool Whip!! Is that her treat, Cool Whip

    CONGRATULATIONS HOLLY…..out of surgery and now the recoery can begin!

    Sooooo look forward to your next update!! It’ll be tough for a vit, but after that…smooooooth sailing and whip cream for breakfast, lunch and supper!


    Sally and Hapy Hannah

    • Hi Sally and Happy Hannah,

      Thanks and I agree about my son, he is a wise and I have learned a great deal from him as well. Both of my sons are complete blessings that I am truly grateful for, like my little girl, Holly. He is 25 and available, LOL! His dream is to play in the MLS, but had his second ACL surgery this year, one week after my Mom broke her hip. 2013 just wasn’t a good year for my family, and that is an understatement, LOL! Holly loves both Cool Whip and Reddy Whip. I plan to give her as much as she can tolerate. I was fine for most of the day, but the nights get hard. I spent 3 hours cleaning the carpet in my bedroom. I want her to have a clean and sanitary room to recover in. I am going to call the vets when I am done replying to all the Angels on this forum. You all make me feel so much better. So far, I am holding up, but I am sure tomorrow will be my TRUE TEST. My resolution is to be FEARLESS in 2014, so….. Never did like tests!

      Much love,
      Karen, Holly’s sleepless Mama

  5. Hi Karen, Al and Holly

    so glad to hear that Holly’s surgery went well and that you have a VERY clean carpet 🙂

    Holly is truly coming home to a family full of love and support – evidenced in your post by the lovely letter from your son, Kyle.

    I’m looking forward to your next update – which I’m confident will be full of pawsitive news!


    Linda and Tucker

    • Hi Linda and Tucker,

      The vet called and we can pick her up later this afternoon. I am both looking forward to it and dreading it. Al is coming home early to be with me. I know you understand exactly what I mean. Since I literally wore myself out, I was able to sleep for about 5-6 hours straight. Today, with a wind chill of -32C, I will hit the stores to make sure that I am stocked and able to stay home for at least a week. Holly is my focus for the next week. She will truly be treated as Holly, her highness. They used staples and they will send her home with a soft collar, but I can’t see her tolerating this well, so any ideas on how to avoid this would be greatly appreciated. I am full of nervous energy, so I will get a bunch done today, which will make me feel better about her homecoming. I will post a photo of her, hopefully tonight. I have my laptop in my bedroom now, so that I can keep up with this blogging about my Sweet girl, Holly.

      Thanks for your support, and hugs back,
      Karen, Holly’s Mom in waiting

  6. Ohhhhhh, yo will be soooooo haph to jave her home…..even in her druggy state!!

    As far as the cone…..and this was just my experience…..I never put it on her as she never gave much attention to the incisin site itself. So I would just watch diligently and, if she starts going after it then you can put it on.

    I know Jill and somemothers used some “onesis”. Now, I’ve oly been the momof four leggers…okay…and a three legger…but think that’s a little outfit for tiny babies:-) 🙂

    Update when she gets home! You are doing GREAT!! And so will she!!


    Sally and Happy Hannah

  7. How is Holly? Been thinking of you guys!

    On the cone – We ditched it all together, and the onesie too. Jill put up with the onesie, and so do some other kitties I’ve met, (which is great!) but Fang wasn’t having it. It ended up that I just watched him instead, and he didn’t mess with his stitches really. I had to tell him to knock it off a couple of times, but that’s all. 🙂

    Hope things are going well over there!

    • Hi Chantal,

      Well, we made it through the first night, and like you I am watching her 24/7. I can’t put her through any more discomfort, so luckily I have my 25 year son, Kyle, and Al to help give me breaks. This reminds me of having sick babies, when my boys were little. I remember not showering for days on end, but I am older and wiser now. I just keep checking in on Holly as I get ready for the day. The night was long, but she seemed purrfectly happy to be home. She ate and drank and cleaned and during all this, she purred. Al and Kyle are as happy as I am that she is doing so well. I am going to post today, so check out the photos of Holly. She is a trooper and a great patient. The drugs must be outstanding, LOL! Thanks so much for your concern and guidance through such a tough period of our families lives. You are a true Angel!

      Thanks for your caring,
      Karen, Holly's relieved Mom

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